Selective Learning

Focus only on areas of weakness. Selectively pick your choice for intensive learning using hands-on projects. NOTE: This class is available all year round. By Appointment. NOTE: ALL COURSE TRAINING DATES ARE IN MM-DD-YYYY format.
Skill LevelIntermediate
Duration6 hrs (for one CSSEL class only). By Appointment.
Course Begins01-01-2017 - 12-31-2017
Time Course BeginsBy Appointment -
RequirementAn honest thirst for knowledge and firm commitment to this class. Best suited for individuals with some fair knowledge of Salesforce but seeking a better understanding in specific areas. If you are completely new to Salesforce, we recommend you take our Beginner Level (CSBEG) before enrolling in this class.


Selective Learning

This module is for beginner or intermediate learners with some familiarity with Salesforce. This course allows students to selectively pick classes they find challenging or need additional help on.

Focus only on areas of weakness. Selectively pick your choice for intensive learning using hands-on projects.

You will go through a detailed learning process with the instructor in addition to break/fix scenarios to reinforce mastery of these areas of concentration. You will be required to fix issues intentionally introduced into the Salesforce platform by your instructor – a typically situation in real business life. This class is a combination of class lessons and intensive hands-on project. We believe the best way to learn is to get some “workout” on exercises while learning.

Select one or more of the classes below to reinforce your knowledge. Each class is: $300 for 6hrs training duration. You will need to register for each class individually if you plan on taking multiple.

  • Security Settings (CSSEL-1)
  • Workflows (CSSEL-2)
  • Validation Rules (CSSEL-3)
  • Approval Process (CSSEL-4)
  • Reports & Dashboards (CSSEL-5)
  • Data Migration (CSSEL-6)


What will I benefit from taking this course?

  • Clearcut Systems is a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner. You will learn directly from Salesforce Consultants that proudly hold multiple Salesforce certifications in Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Development, Sales Consultant, Service Consultant &
  • Completion of this class will improve your confidence in handling Salesforce functionalities you consider a challenge.
  • You will be able to confidently work in an existing client’s Salesforce instance, identify configuration issues and fix them.
  • You will be guided by Salesforce Consultants that have worked in different market verticals (finance, healthcare, telecommunication, manufacturing, retail etc). Learn from the best.
  • You will work on hands-on exercises to enhance your practical knowledge, and boost your confidence during interview process.

NOTE: This course by itself will improve your understanding of specific Salesforce features to help you nail your certification. However, taking the course solely by itself is not sufficient to prepare you for Salesforce Certification Exams considering the broad topics covered on the certification exams.