Beginner Level (CSBEG)

Introduction to Salesforce Administration & Configuration with Hands-On Exercises. NOTE: ALL COURSE TRAINING DATES ARE IN MM-DD-YYYY format.
Skill LevelBeginners
Duration30hrs (Mon - Fri)
Course Begins01-01-2017 - 12-31-2017
Time Course BeginsBy Appointment -
RequirementAn honest thirst for knowledge and firm commitment to this class. Best suited for individuals seeking a career in I.T or individuals looking to solidify their Salesforce knowledge.


Beginner Level (CSBEG)

This module is for Salesforce beginners. This is your entry into the exciting world of and the possibility of a promising career. This detailed and comprehensive course covers key concepts a beginner needs to fully understand Salesforce. After completing this course, you will have the confidence to perform Salesforce configurations and speak the Salesforce language. In addition, this course serves as a good foundation for getting ready to take your Salesforce Admin Certification Exam.


What will I benefit from taking this course?

  • Clearcut Systems is a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner. You will learn directly from Salesforce Consultants that proudly hold multiple certifications in Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Development, Sales Consultant, Service Consultant &
  • Salesforce platform offers a new career avenue for you to consider if you are stuck in your current career or looking to get into a new career path. Don’t like your current job? You certainly have a choice.
  • If you are planning a career switch or looking to pick up additional skills, this class will immediately help you understand Salesforce, its possibilities and the industry buzz about this platform.
  • Marketable skills = Recruiters need you = More money in your pocket.
  • You will be guided by Salesforce Consultants that have worked in different market verticals (finance, healthcare, telecommunication, manufacturing, retail etc). Learn from the best.
  • You will work on multiple hands-on exercises to enhance your practical knowledge, and boost your confidence during interview process.
  • You will receive ideas on how to study and pass the Salesforce certification exams.


Course Outline (hands-on exercises and quizzes during each class session)

  • Salesforce, CRM, Cloud Computing – What does it all mean?
  • Salesforce Career Paths – What options do I have? Show me the job
  • Salesforce Case Studies – Who uses Salesforce?
  • Getting Started With Salesforce – free development platform, login, user interface navigation
  • Understanding Business Requirements – It all starts here
  • Salesforce Security Model – Emphasis on roles, profiles, OWD and sharing rules
  • The Data Model – Its design & build (objects, fields, data structure)
  • User Interface Setup (page layouts and components)
  • Implementing Business Logics – Validation rules, field dependencies etc
  • Automating Business Processes – Workflows, email templates, approval processes
  • Putting It All Together – Learn to customize a Salesforce Application
  • Data Management – Learn to import data into Salesforce and export data out
  • Reports and Dashboards – Learn to create different reporting types and dashboards
  • AppExchange – Learn about the Salesforce marketplace
  • Certification Preparation – What to look out for
  • Interview Preparation – What are recruiters looking for?